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What I Wish Everyone Knew About 6 Bmw M6 | 2006 Bmw M6

When the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (2008-2014) went out of production, naturally-aspirated AMGs were no more. A pity. Like its arch-rival the E92 BMW M3, the C63 had a V8 agent – displacing 6.2 litres – allotment it with a typically-AMG, polished, hot rod persona.

8 BMW M8 - Large  - 2008 Bmw M3

8 BMW M8 – Large – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

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evo pulled the aloft duo calm on six abstracted occasions to acme an all-embracing champ in the BMW M3. However, the margins were slim: area the AMG fell bottomward dynamically, the M3 was composed and absolutely composed. Away from comparisons, the C63 is a accurate abstruseness and affably indulgent; acceptant to ample angles of slip, tyre-smoking activity and of advance boasting the archetypal AMG soundtrack.

Derived from the W204 C-class, the AMG C63 launched in the UK as a alehouse and estate, its M156 6.2-litre V8 developed 451bhp at 6800rpm and 442 lb ft of torque. Hooked up to AMG’s impressive, seven-speed torque advocate (Speedshift Plus 7G-tronic) chiral the C63 accomplished 0-60mph in 4.4sec and topped out at a (limited) 155mph. This was aloft to 174mph through the alternative Performance Pack, which additionally brought uprated abeyance and brakes, a carbonfibre cossack lid addle-brain and the all-important limited-slip differential. The closing was addled from the Performance Plus Pack, alien in 2010, forth with the higher-grade suspension. Substituted in were failing pistons, conrods and crankshaft out of the SLS, advocacy ability to 480bhp – the agent mods accepting been previewed in the 513bhp ‘DR520’ model.

In 2011 came a facelift and the auto version, which spawned the range-topping 510bhp Black Series model. New front-end administration and a revised gearbox – carrying snappier accouterment and an added ‘S ’ approach – constituted the brace and formed the base for the runout model, the Edition 507, in 2013 with 500bhp and a beefier anchor setup.

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By and ample ethics for acclimated C63’s are levelling off afterwards abrupt antecedent depreciation. However, ethics for the best collectible and cleanest cars are inflating so now’s the time to buy. 

Seven-speed automatic,

rear-wheel drive

The accepted and Performance Pack Plus engines are ‘pretty abundant bulletproof’ according to Ollie Stoner of Mercedes Specialist Prestige Car Service. Reports of aboriginal cars adversity from valve-gear abrasion (camshaft lobes and tappets) are accepted but rare, and arch bolts accept airtight but these occasions are rarer still. Addition exceptional fault, is adhesive injectors, which breach accessible calamity the bore with fuel; the resultant hydraulic pressures created can breach conrods.

8 BMW M8 - European Car Magazine - 2008 Bmw M3

8 BMW M8 – European Car Magazine – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

Image Source: superstreetonline.com

While the aloft faults are unusual, it’s account accepting a specialist backpack out an inspection. An agent apple-pie can appear to as abundant as £8k, the top-end abandoned could be £3k-£4k. ‘The facelifted C63 [from 2011] is mostly trouble-free,’ says Ollie, ‘and is accompanying to a bigger gearbox.’ Oil burning is high, so you’ll charge to consistently analysis the dipstick.

‘The automated gearbox is acutely reliable,’ reckons Ollie. We’d acclaim an LSD-equipped car – on clue and in fast alley active it transforms the handling. Even so, you can retrofit an aftermarket LSD, Quaife’s ATB LSD is a accepted choice, and generally looked to as an advancement on the accepted affair LSD. On the accountable of traction, it’s account talking tyres. On account boots the AMG’s administration is broke and anchor reduced, a annoying anticipation in a 500bhp sports car.

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On break you’ll appear beyond a adulterated damper and high-milers will charge new bushes, but the abeyance is abundantly agitation free. Listen out for knocks aback casual over bumps, it commonly indicates there’s some baggy in the council arbor – it’s a almost accessible fix.

With abundant ability comes abundant albatross – for the brakes. They appear in for a lot of abuse carriage the C63 bottomward from speed, auspiciously replacing them isn’t too expensive. Accepted advanced discs are £68, but a set of advanced pads are dearer at £200. The Performance Pack’s amphibian discs are afterpiece to £500 a allotment though, while a abounding set of the Performance Pack Plus blended discs can be as abundant as £2000. You can eke 25,000 afar from a set of pads if you’re careful, about it’s acceptable you’ll charge to bandy out the dscs at the aforementioned time due to their abbreviate lifespan – added able brakes are a accepted upgrade.   

Rear-drive and huge ability is generally the compound for an accident, so booty your time to analysis for blast damage. As accepted the berth is able-bodied busted together, but the advanced bench bolsters can ache from abrasion from admission and egress. The electrics are sound, but the software administering the agent and gearbox may be out of date, so booty it to a specialist to download the updates.

Prices for official Mercedes-Benz parts. Cheaper alternatives are available through absolute specialists. Tyre price from blackcricles.com. All pricesinclude VAT but exclude applicable accuse and are actual at time of publishing. 

8 BMW M8 Review - 2008 Bmw M3

8 BMW M8 Review – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

Image Source: bmwblog.com

£105.53 front, £117.31

rear (Goodyear Eagle F1


£2469.60 (left),

£998.40 (right)

Prices from prestigecarservice.co.uk, including VAT. Servicing is mileage- and age-dependant: your car’s official Mercedes Digital Account Book (DSB) will advise on what your car needs and when.

You can accept an M3 for as little as £15k, although such examples are best avoided. For £20k you can get a apple-pie low breadth car, and there’s the address of a chiral box instead of the DCT.

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The RS5 is no bout for the C63 in our eyes, but it’s added GT and offers four-wheel-drive. It’s additionally analogously priced to the C63.

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What the VXR8 lacks in exceptional appeal, it compensates for with big ability and big character, affiliated to the C63. Starting at £14k, it’s a high-performance bargain.  

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8 BMW M8 - 2008 Bmw M3

8 BMW M8 – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

Image Source: caranddriver.com

Tired and long-travelled examples can be begin in the classifieds beneath £20k with 80,000 or 90,000 afar on the clock. Fresher cars with 20,000 to 50,000 afar absorb the mid-£20,000s, while Edition 507 models are actuality offered by dealers for £50,000.

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‘The agrarian adolescent on clue at Bedford Autodrome was consistently acceptable to be the C63 AMG, actuality the best able and keenest to smoke a brace of rear tyres. And so it proves, admitting my capital affair is accepting the best from the ancient auto gearbox. You accept to plan and ahead every shift. Suss that out, though, and the C63 serves up a acceptable allowance of tail-led ball – not the best technically accomplished way of circulating, but it puts a smile on your face.

‘It could aloof be a drag-racer, the C63, but it’s not. Not by a continued chalk. “Although you can ablaze the tyres up with a half-prod of throttle, it’s still accommodating and enjoyable, because it’s baby and has apparently the best council feel of the group,” says Henry Catchpole. Indeed, the aggregate of so abundant ability and a actual able and advantageous rear-drive anatomy holds immense appeal. “Brilliant at aimless and acutely able and agreeable appropriate up to and over the limit,” says Richard Meaden. “Not as acutely focused as the M3, but this arguably makes it the warmer and added advantageous car in all but the best acute driving. Love it.’

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‘For three weeks afore I bought the C63, I endemic a Monaro VXR. I’d been aggressive to get it by a acquaintance who endemic a Vauxhall VXR8. I admired the ability and the noise, and I absolutely capital a V8. But again I went with addition acquaintance to aggregate his C63… It was bigger in every way: the way it looked, the way it sounded, the way it was built.

‘So I bound did a bit of analysis into which archetypal I wanted. My friend’s car was a pre-facelift version, but as I looked into it, I realised that a facelifted archetype would accomplish added sense. It has an bigger gearbox and the engine’s internals are better.

‘I was advantageous with my car. It popped up in the classifieds and was analytic close, and I bought it aural three hours of the ad activity live. It’s a 2011 Edition 125 alehouse in white, with the alternative Performance Pack Plus. It’s alarming at everything: accommodating aback you charge it to be, so it aloof blends in with the traffic, and loud and barbaric aback the affection takes you and the alley altitude allow.

8 BMW M8 - 2008 Bmw M3

8 BMW M8 – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

Image Source: carthrottle.com

‘I’ve aback adapted it with IPE bankrupt headers, sports bodies and a remap, and the complete it makes is artlessly amazing. I’ve additionally adapted high-flow air filters and a carbon airbox, but I’m not absolutely abiding they’ve fabricated abundant difference. Because I consistently advised to try a clue day or two and a accelerated accident in my C63, I anon replaced the advanced discs and pads, which amount about £870. And afterwards the trackday I bare addition set of pads, which was addition £175.

‘The Terminal Velocity accident I went to was on a 3.1-mile RAF runway; standstill to about fast you can go. I hit 173mph but I was acquisitive for added – the run was into a headwind and astringent anchor achromatize fabricated me afraid of aback to aback off. But I’m activity aback acquisitive to be quicker. ‘Would I anytime alter it? With what? To go any faster I’d be spending bifold the money.’

What I Wish Everyone Knew About 6 Bmw M6 | 2006 Bmw M6
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8 BMW M8 | Long-term Road Test | Reviews | Car and Driver – 2008 Bmw M3 | 2008 Bmw M3

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